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Mark and Jennifer Mathews were a newly married couple living in the city. They 

were planning on starting a family together when they received the tragic news of 

Jennifer's mother's death. They learned that she had hung herself in her home. Jennifer 

and her mother, Susan, hadn't spoken in years due to a communication breakdown. Susan 

had been suffering from mental health problems for as long as Jennifer could remember 

so her death didn't come as a complete surprise to her but she was shocked nonetheless. 

Jennifer's father had walked out on them when she was six years old and she had never 

received a letter nor heard from him since. There was no other immediate family and 

Susan's will stated that she wished to leave the house to her only daughter. 

 Jennifer's memories of the house she grew up in were far from happy but seeing as 

there was no one else to sort out her mother's possessions, it was down to her to clear out 

the house and put it up for sale. Mark and Jennifer rented a removal van and made the 

three and a half hour drive deep into the country, to the house where Jennifer had grown 

up in. They went inside and got to work sorting out Susan's articles. Jennifer felt uneasy 

from the moment she set foot inside the house so she wanted to get done as quickly as 


 Mark and Jennifer were in different rooms talking to each other and packing items 

into boxes when Jennifer stopped midsentence and screamed. Mark rushed to Jennifer to 

see what was wrong. She wasn't in the room. Mark, terrified and panicked, rushed from 

room to room screaming her name. As he came out of one room into the hall he felt an 

excruciating pain on the back of his head and everything turned white for a brief moment 

before he fell to the floor unconscious. 

 Rubbing the back of his head, Mark wakes up to darkness. He's in a dark room with 

nothing but a box of matches and a pounding headache. 

 Game begins here... puzzles & scares galore! Exactly what they will be is dependent 

on the layout of the house but his goal is to find out what happened to his wife. All doors 

leading to the outside are locked for now. Being Jennifer's childhood home, there can be 

lots of scope for finding memorabilia; old photos, diaries, drawings etc... This can be the 

main delivery format for the story in-game as it's more natural than finding pages 

scattered around. 

 As the story unfolds, Mark learns a dark secret about Jennifer's past. The truth is 

that Jennifer's father didn't walk out on them. Jennifer's father, Samuel, was a drunk who